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As a college student at Clemson, Buck realized his desire to be an educator because he wanted to mold young minds and make a difference in the community. Over 35 years later, and that passion for educating children still burns.

In his career as an educator, Buck served as a classroom teacher, a coach, and a school administrator. He was also a district administrator, serving children from kindergarten to high school.

Buck still works as a consultant, helping schools with community relationships and communications. “Helping children learn and grow is what I love to do,” Buck says. “I have always been an educator to my core.

“Every decision or problem that I encountered as a classroom teacher and as a principal were all filtered through one single question: What is best for the children?,” says Buck. “Education is for the children, and everything in education should be based solely upon what is in their best interest.”

“I have been very fortunate in my over three decades of service in public education to have held a wide variety of positions in which I have gained a wealth of knowledge,” he says.

“I served under people who showed me what it meant to work to provide children a quality education and now I want to give back that knowledge and experience to Lancaster County’s kids.”

In addition to his role as a school consultant, Buck also works for a company that takes him into schools all throughout the Carolinas and the Southeast.

“That has been amazing for me as an educator,” says Buck. “Daily I am visiting or talking with new schools and talking to fellow educators. Inevitably I find myself learning new ideas and perspectives from the professionals in other schools. “It’s also allowed me to foster relationships with people who can be a part of the changes I hope to bring in education.”

Among those changes that Buck said that he wants to see is to have more local central over schools.

“I believe in returning education to the educators,” he says. “Local educators are the trained professionals who know best how to help our children grow academically. They live and serve in our communities and best understand the needs of our students.”


Ken's wife Jill is a teacher in Indian Land schools and both of his younger children attend public schools in Indian Land as well.


- Bachelor's in Secondary Education, Clemson University

- Master's in Education Leadership, Grand Canyon University

- 25 years as a classroom teacher

- 15 years as a school and district level administrator

- 20 years experience as a coach of football and track

- First elected to Lancaster County School Board in 2018

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