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"I am a part of a family of educators. Not only have I been in education for 35 years, my wife is an elementary school teacher and my sister is also an elementary school teacher. I fully understand the daily triumphs and struggles that our children and fellow teachers face in the 21st Century."

Ken is focused on...


We need to return education to the educators, those who are trained and are passionate about teaching our children. Teachers need to know that they are supported by their administration and school board in doing what is best for children. We need to remove any obstacles that prevent teachers from being able to do what they want to do: teach our children.


For too long in education, policy makers at the state and federal levels have made decisions that have not necessarily been in the best interests of our children. Educators and communities deserve a seat at the table in those policy decisions to affect a positive change for students. All decisions should be focused on answering one question: "What is best for for the children?"


A good school board member must take the time to actively engage with teachers, schools, and the community to best understand the day-to-day challenges and concerns. Ken has the experience and background to listen to those challenges and concerns, and bring about the changes where needed.

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